xuber | Motoring Magazine iPad App
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About This Project

This was a project that started from when iPads were not a ‘thing’.


Challenges I faced were:

  • I had not seen an iPad before but we wanted to launch this app right at the same time as iPad was launched.
  • There were no prior apps out there to refer to and there were no tutorials to help us build apps.
  • I did not own a car and not surprising, I do not know anything about cars!


Finally, after a month of trial and error, the first issue of the magazine app was launched! There were many late nights but the end result was really rewarding. This started a new venture into the carsales.com.au business as we pioneered the car magazine industry with an app that gives our users the ability to view cars in 360 degree turns, animated slides and interactions, galleries and videos all at the ‘tap’ of their fingers.


Since then, I had designed and built 60+ issues in 1.5 years. It had reached 4.5 stars (would have gotten 5 if not for iTunes’ Store black out) and it had received numerous amounts of testimonies from car enthusiasts and their spouses.