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My name is Sharene Chan (friends call me Shaz) and I am passionate about people, visionary design and making a difference.

I BELIEVE EVERYONE has the ability to pioneer something at least once in a lifetime and I want to see one’s fullest potential develop.

A way I can achieve this is through interpreting visions into visual.



This was a project I did to promote my counselling services and to assist the agency I work with their company website. It is a wordpress themed site which I designed and built. It took us close to 2 weeks to gather concepts, content, images and design to get the site launched.

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What I do

Brand Identity

There's more than just designing beautiful work. It is about creating an identity for the product or company I work for. A relevant and purposeful design would depict who they are now, what they stand for and where they aspire to be.

UI Design

From an idea / concept to wireframes / mocks to the choice of images, colour and typography, they are all purposefully selected to make a snazzy, inviting design. Whether it is created for mobile, desktop or tablet, my goal is to accomplish a simple yet visually engaging UI design for users.

UX Design

Usability and the overall experience of designing a product is not one to be neglected. Every structure and interaction design has to be tested to ensure effectiveness of the flow and purpose of the product.

They say