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I am Sharene Moretton and I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through design. I find it challenging and exciting to find solutions that simplifies complex processes. My goal is to deliver creative yet effective user experience that is congruent for clients.


With 14 years of multimedia experience and 6+ years in UI/UX design experience, I have developed my expertise in not only design but in product, project and event management. 


In my day to day work, I spend most of my time researching, sketching and wireframing ideas, prototyping and testing functionalities. I involve product managers, designers and developers at an early stage of every project because I believe in collaboration and ownership from the team. Feedback is highly valued from the team and our users. I run workshops, diary studies, interviews and forums to gather as much data as possible to shape the work that I do.


In my spare time, I love exploring other creative areas such as interior design and fashion design. I am quite a foodie, horror movie fanatic and I spend all my holidays visiting beaches. 




Please contact me for the password to access my recent work.